International Summer School for Avanced Studies

Dynamics of open nuclear systems”

in honour of acad. Aureliu Săndulescu 80-th birthday

July 9-20, 2012 Predeal

Trei brazi” complex of the Bioterra University


sfinxul-bucegi-iarna2 010

Located in the vicinity of Predeal, about 150 km from Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport (


Aim of the School

Summer schools on nuclear physics are traditionally organized in Romania since 1964. During almost 50 years, practically all important nuclear physicists attended the School. Acad. Aureliu Sandulescu, who organized the first edition of the School, had an important contribution in predicting cluster radioactivity, the physics of open quantum systems and superheavy nuclei. This edition celebrates his 80-th birthday and is devoted to open nuclear systems. The first week will focus on decay phenomena like cluster radioactivity, stability of superheavy nuclei, fine structure of decay processes, fission and fusion, beta and double beta decay, pairing versus a α-clustering. The second week will deal with the physics of open nuclear systems like exotic nuclei at drip lines, heavy ion reactions and multi-fragmentation, symmetries and phase transitions of open quantum systems, supernovae and neutron stars.




A. Decay processes and clustering phenomena

35 years of cluster radioactivity

Synthesis of superheavy nuclei

Pairing and α-clustering

Fine structure in decay processes

Fission and fusion

Beta and double beta decay

B. Nuclear structure in continuum and astrophysics

Quantum mechanics of open systems

Exotic nuclei at drip lines

Symmetries and phase transitions

Heavy ion reactions and multi-fragmentation

Supernovae and neutron stars

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D. S. Delion
N.V. Zamfir

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Adriana R. Răduţă
I. Ursu

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Andrei Neacșu

International scientific board

A. Faessler (Tübingen University)
W. Greiner (Frankfurt/Main University)
F. Gulminelli (LPC-Caen)
R.K. Gupta (Chandigarh University)
J.H. Hamilton (Vanderbilt University)
R.J. Liotta (KTH-Stockholm)
G. Münzenberg (GSI-Darmstadt)
Yu.T. Oganessian (JINR-Dubna)
A. Sobiczewski (Varsaw University)
W. Scheid (Giessen University)
P. Schuck (IPN-Orsay, IPN-Grenoble)
J. Suhonen (Jyvaskyla University)