Alexandru T. Grecu, PhD.

E-mail: {agrecu}<@t>theory{d0t}nipne{d0t}ro;
Phone: +4 021.404.62.48 / +4 021.404.23.00 ext. 3403
Skype name:  alex.t.grecu

Areas of expertise:

  • Computational physics
    • numerical simulations of non-linear discrete systems
    • Monte Carlo simulation of high energy collision events in elementary particle physics and matter-radiation interaction processes
  • Physics of nonlinear phenomena
    • study of the Modulational Instability phenomenon in non-linear dispersive media
  • Programming & Administration
    • programming small applications for work and as a hobby (mostly in, C/C++, PyQt, web languages)
    • web mastering and workstation administration (Unix/Linux, MS Windows)
    • see hobbies
  • PhD Thesis: PDF