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Windows Section

   In the section I'll try to make live easier to those who, like me, still find an irresistible attraction toward this junk of an Operating System (regarding security)! Now, don't get this wrong: I consider Windows to be one of the best Workstation Operating System (when well configured), but the lack of network and process security as well as portability and the fact that MS constantly tries to impose itself on the market by inventing new mumbo-jumbo terms and patented software technologies (not publicly available), all these make it look VERY bad to the professionals and users who want to personalize their computer (enhancing even security this way)!
   In short, this section is meant for those who want to understand more about what's going on under the shell/interface/GUI or whatever you want to call it of your Windows system! And even more to those who want to get the best from their WinBox!!!


Linux Section

   This section will be dedicated to BASH scripts and other software that I hope I'll develop in time mainly to help my work! Yet the software you'll find here will be as general as possible and ofcourse totally free!